The Roby Chart:  Where Beliefs Affect Your Anatomy

Suggestions for using Body Wisdom Cards
  • Have a deck handy to use with your clients. You can pull the card related to their ailment and begin a dialog based on the questions. After your session you can offer the affirmation from the card or one you create yourself. By using the card information with your clients you are empowering them to take and active part in their healing journey.
  • Let a client take a card home between sessions to act as a reminder of the work they are doing with you.
  • Use the same process of reviewing the card for yourself. Gain insight you might otherwise overlook. Use the questions as a trigger to begin an inquiry.
  • Read the positive message from a randomly selected card or to choose some part of you to pamper for the day!

Body Wisdom Cardsbased on The Roby Chart have been created to make even more helpful information available in quick reference form. 

Now on an individual card for each part of the anatomy, you have:

  • Sample questions to start a conversation about what the body might be saying when dis-ease appears 
  • Related affirmations  
  • Chakra meaning and color
Body Wisdom Card decks contains 33 cards, 2.5x3.5"  each.  

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